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Holy Wars [unedited] Music Review

“Baby, I was born dark, Full of holes in my heart. Riding on a high of pain, Mind of a hurricane.” ~ Born Dark by Holy Wars

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YVR [unedited] Music Review

“Baby I’m not heartless, I just wish I used my heart less.” ~Heartless by YVR

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Seepeoples [unedited] Music Review

“He thinks of all the roles he’s played, Deep in his heart that guided him to the answer. And for all the fools still questioning, He won’t wait for your reckoning.” ~Apocalypse Cow by Seepeoples

Photo taken by Emilia Pare
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C.SHIROCK [unedited] Music Review

I remember the first time I heard Bono’s voice, it was also the first time I’ve ever heard a musician… read more C.SHIROCK [unedited] Music Review

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Worry Party [unedited] Music Review

Hi all, it’s me John. I was going to post this article on the 18th, but some reality slapped me… read more Worry Party [unedited] Music Review

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Rags and Riches [unedited] Music Review

Check out the latest music review of Rags and Riches on Unedited Music Blog. This duo is from Lexington, Kentucky.

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Pixel Box [unedited]

Pixel Box on Spotify Pixel Box  Although the interview was so far my shortest interview I have had so far… read more Pixel Box [unedited]

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Beatastic [unedited]

Beatastic on SoundCloud (Main Page)Beatastic     With a significant sound that definitely distinguishes them from the other bands in Brighton,… read more Beatastic [unedited]