Harley Huke [unedited] Music Review

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Sciarra (Original UMB review) [unedited]

Sciarra on SoundCloudSciarraCandace Sciarra (2018)Facebook- PhotosInterview & Review           With over 2.1 followers and only a couple of tracks, Candice is building up quite a following. Afterglow (2017) has reached closed to 40k streams, while her most recent track called Love on the Line (2017) has reached almost 48k streams with the help of … Continue reading Sciarra (Original UMB review) [unedited]

Yoav [unedited]

Yoav on SpotifyYoavYoav Sadan (2018)PressInterview & Review        A Foolproof Plan (2010) is the album I measured all Yoav songs I listened to when preparing this review. The songs are perfectly mixed with electronic influences, a guitar-driven beat, and a little eclecticism. Blood Moon (2018) along with the whole Multiverse album that is releasing … Continue reading Yoav [unedited]

Janxx [unedited]

Janxx on SpotifyJanxx Interview & Review  “It pretty much is my lifestyle”, Janxx says about how her music is affecting her lifestyle….. Which she says she even is taking time off of work. Everything about her music is worth spending more time with it, with inspirations coming mainly from the 90’s such as Radiohead and Portishead.  Her … Continue reading Janxx [unedited]