Avi Buffalo [unedited] Music Review

Photo of Avi Zahner-Isenberg by Jasmine Caprice In 2010, I was 16 years old and Avi Zahner-Isenberg was 18. For many teenagers, those years are full of hormones that, to all of our credit, are hard to control and deal with. For me, I usually turned to music to cope with basically anything I struggled … Continue reading Avi Buffalo [unedited] Music Review


Holly Auna [unedited] Music Review

Right now, I am writing in my backyard with my slippers on and I am feeling very relaxed and in the moment. The fact that I decided to review Holly Auna's music doesn't really feel like a coincidence at the moment, but it definitely fits into my surroundings."I was writing silly little songs when I … Continue reading Holly Auna [unedited] Music Review

Ruby Leigh Pearson (10 Year Old Country Singer)

Ruby Leigh Pearson on YouTubeRuby Leigh Pearson(Facebook)Interview & Review      Everybody scanning through my blog stop right here. This is a future star that everyone should stop and listen to. Country fan or not, I found Ruby to be a remarkable singer even though I know nothing about Country. Ruby is opening for country music … Continue reading Ruby Leigh Pearson (10 Year Old Country Singer)