Bree Lefler [unedited] Music Review

In my personal opinion, a song should never be forcefully written. Making a song should be about something that is meaningful. Now I understand all songwriters are different, and there are many or some writers that can just write a song without any personal influences. But to people who are rather emotionally creative people like … Continue reading Bree Lefler [unedited] Music Review


Holly Auna [unedited] Music Review

Right now, I am writing in my backyard with my slippers on and I am feeling very relaxed and in the moment. The fact that I decided to review Holly Auna's music doesn't really feel like a coincidence at the moment, but it definitely fits into my surroundings."I was writing silly little songs when I … Continue reading Holly Auna [unedited] Music Review

Facebook photo taken for Radio for June

Radio for June [unedited] Music Review

An ambient electronic beat with drums in the background and a smooth/echo-like vocals with acoustic guitar riffs also in the background. This is what most of Radio for June's songs sound like... Relaxing... Calm... And peaceful, almost as if Thomas and Stephen LaVine are helping you through the emotions of each song. These songs are … Continue reading Radio for June [unedited] Music Review

Camarano [unedited]

Camarano on SpotifyCamaranoCamarano (2018)Facebook- PhotosInterview & Review       "Initially, it was just hanging out with friends and playing in bands…. The first thing was when I joined a cover band, or it was started as a cover band with friends. And yeah… I soon discovered singing and writing songs and… yeah… It grew from … Continue reading Camarano [unedited]

Taxi Joe [unedited]

Taxi Joe on SpotifyTaxi JoeTaxi JoeBand photosInterview & Review          "Quality band, need more exposure (they’ve already got the anthems and the talent). (They) always put on a great live show, (and I definitely) recommend people (to) see them if you get the chance" says Dan Truss from London, England. I agree with … Continue reading Taxi Joe [unedited]

Mr. Carnivore [unedited]

Mr. Carnivore on SpotifyMr. CarnivoreMr. CranivorePress PhotoInterview & Review          When I was approached by bass/vocal player Joey LaGaurdia from Mr. Carnivore with a track that is still in the making, I quickly realized that they knew what they were doing and where they wanted to take their music. Pat and Joey (brothers) … Continue reading Mr. Carnivore [unedited]

Marsicans [unedited]

Marsicans on SpotifyMarsicansMarsicans(2018)Interview & Review           Marsicans, whose name when Googled shows Wikipedia articles of "Marsican Brown Bears" who are critically endangered and are protected animals in Italian national parks. However, I doubt an Italian brown bear was the inspiration behind the band's name. James was more inspired by "my grandad was … Continue reading Marsicans [unedited]

Only Sun [unedited]

Only Sun on SpotifyOnly SunInterview (10/14/17)How’re you guys doing today?“Got a bit of studio madness. We’ve just come back from the studio.” Yeah? What’d you guys do? “Preproduction! So we’ve gone in and played through a couple of new songs. We just want to be heard (laughs). Erm, yeah, it’s quite alright.”You can’t tell me what you’ve … Continue reading Only Sun [unedited]