Bree Lefler [unedited] Music Review

In my personal opinion, a song should never be forcefully written. Making a song should be about something that is meaningful. Now I understand all songwriters are different, and there are many or some writers that can just write a song without any personal influences. But to people who are rather emotionally creative people like … Continue reading Bree Lefler [unedited] Music Review

Facebook photo taken for Radio for June

Radio for June [unedited] Music Review

An ambient electronic beat with drums in the background and a smooth/echo-like vocals with acoustic guitar riffs also in the background. This is what most of Radio for June's songs sound like... Relaxing... Calm... And peaceful, almost as if Thomas and Stephen LaVine are helping you through the emotions of each song. These songs are … Continue reading Radio for June [unedited] Music Review

Paul De Leon Demonstrates His command As An Artist Paul De Leon, the Australian born singer-songwriter, recently released a new single, ‘Criminals’ and showcased yet again his innate talent as a follow on from the successes of his previous releases ‘The One You Want’ and ‘Take It Away’. Before growing into a singing and song writing career, Paul De Leon was an accomplished … Continue reading Paul De Leon Demonstrates His command As An Artist

Camarano [unedited]

Camarano on SpotifyCamaranoCamarano (2018)Facebook- PhotosInterview & Review       "Initially, it was just hanging out with friends and playing in bands…. The first thing was when I joined a cover band, or it was started as a cover band with friends. And yeah… I soon discovered singing and writing songs and… yeah… It grew from … Continue reading Camarano [unedited]

Yoav [unedited]

Yoav on SpotifyYoavYoav Sadan (2018)PressInterview & Review        A Foolproof Plan (2010) is the album I measured all Yoav songs I listened to when preparing this review. The songs are perfectly mixed with electronic influences, a guitar-driven beat, and a little eclecticism. Blood Moon (2018) along with the whole Multiverse album that is releasing … Continue reading Yoav [unedited]

Mia Rio [unedited]

Mia Rio on SpotifyMia RioMia Rio (2017)Press/FacebookInterview & Review        I really tried to get inspired to write this article without music playing... But it just didn't happen. So I turned on Different Drums and was inspired by the bongos and synthesizers. I was also inspired by how catchy the song is, same for … Continue reading Mia Rio [unedited]