Bree Lefler [unedited] Music Review

In my personal opinion, a song should never be forcefully written. Making a song should be about something that is meaningful. Now I understand all songwriters are different, and there are many or some writers that can just write a song without any personal influences. But to people who are rather emotionally creative people like … Continue reading Bree Lefler [unedited] Music Review


Camarano [unedited]

Camarano on SpotifyCamaranoCamarano (2018)Facebook- PhotosInterview & Review       "Initially, it was just hanging out with friends and playing in bands…. The first thing was when I joined a cover band, or it was started as a cover band with friends. And yeah… I soon discovered singing and writing songs and… yeah… It grew from … Continue reading Camarano [unedited]

Mia Rio [unedited]

Mia Rio on SpotifyMia RioMia Rio (2017)Press/FacebookInterview & Review        I really tried to get inspired to write this article without music playing... But it just didn't happen. So I turned on Different Drums and was inspired by the bongos and synthesizers. I was also inspired by how catchy the song is, same for … Continue reading Mia Rio [unedited]

Ruby Leigh Pearson (10 Year Old Country Singer)

Ruby Leigh Pearson on YouTubeRuby Leigh Pearson(Facebook)Interview & Review      Everybody scanning through my blog stop right here. This is a future star that everyone should stop and listen to. Country fan or not, I found Ruby to be a remarkable singer even though I know nothing about Country. Ruby is opening for country music … Continue reading Ruby Leigh Pearson (10 Year Old Country Singer)