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Taxi Joe [unedited]

Taxi Joe on SpotifyTaxi JoeTaxi JoeBand photosInterview & Review          "Quality band, need more exposure (they’ve already got the anthems and the talent). (They) always put on a great live show, (and I definitely) recommend people (to) see them if you get the chance" says Dan Truss from London, England. I agree with … Continue reading Taxi Joe [unedited]

Junction25 [unedited]

Junction25 on SpotifyJunction25Junction25Facebook- PhotosInterview & ReviewWhat inspired you to start making music?From listening to our favourite bands it inspired us to write and create music.What influences your songs?From things that happen in everyday life, to creating stories to be created by songs.What is your fanbase like?The fan base is like every other local band, but … Continue reading Junction25 [unedited]

Marsicans [unedited]

Marsicans on SpotifyMarsicansMarsicans(2018)Interview & Review           Marsicans, whose name when Googled shows Wikipedia articles of "Marsican Brown Bears" who are critically endangered and are protected animals in Italian national parks. However, I doubt an Italian brown bear was the inspiration behind the band's name. James was more inspired by "my grandad was … Continue reading Marsicans [unedited]


Iman on SpotifyImanImanPicture taken by Aidan Brooks (UK)Interview & Review To be honest, I really didn't know how to begin talking about this talented artist from the UK. However, I read the following quote and instantly realized just how much making music meant to her... I thought it was so inspiring that I had to … Continue reading IMAN