Rags and Riches [unedited] Music Review

Check out the latest music review of Rags and Riches on Unedited Music Blog. This duo is from Lexington, Kentucky.


The Elovaters [unedited] Music Review

Something about The Elovaters is relaxed and welcoming, and something like having their music in the background that lightens the room. Meridian, Live By Day, and all the songs that they've released and probably will be releasing reflect their personalities, attitude towards life, and overall likeness. This is a beautiful quality they all share and … Continue reading The Elovaters [unedited] Music Review

Nicole & Scotty [unedited] Music Review

Nicole & Scotty debut their music through YouTube in 2013, that same year they were a supporting act for Lisa Marie Presley (Elvis's daughter). "It was such an honor to support (her) on tour. We've both been fans of Lisa's since I was maybe 6 years old, and she was a huge reason behind me … Continue reading Nicole & Scotty [unedited] Music Review

cleopatrick [unedited]

cleopatrick on SpotifycleopatrickInterview & Review        Before my in-person interview, Luke and Ian said they were ready and I was kind of confused..... "Wait aren't there more members?" I said... And I swear I thought they were a four-piece because they definitely sounded like one. Vannessa laughed and said, "no they're a two … Continue reading cleopatrick [unedited]

Austin Hull [unedited]

Austin Hull on SpotifyAustin HullAustin HullFacebookInterview & ReviewWhat inspired you to start making music?"I have been involved with music since I can remember. Some of my earliest memories are playing drums with my dad, singing along a to a jukebox, and watching band practices. I started playing guitar at 9 and taught myself, at 14 … Continue reading Austin Hull [unedited]