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~Here on Unedited Music Blog we want you to stay informed, and so we made this page so everyone can get more out of the website. Please comment or email us to give us much appreciated feedback! We will be updating this page about once or twice a week, and our sources for news will stay as far away from politics as possible. While we do understand that politics is important to many people, it also is a very sticky subject that can divide just about anyone and that is something we want to stay away from. We hope you understand and respect our stance on this subject.~


Nonpolitical News (Website)
Good News Network (Website)
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Ibuprofen Might Help Fight the Coronavirus?
Autononmous Cars Delivering Meals and Meds to People in Quarantine

“Despite early speculation that ibuprofen was exacerbating coronavirus symptoms, a later study found that those negative side effects could not be attributed to the common anti-inflammatory drug.”

“Ibuprofen will now be tested as coronavirus treatment” (nypost.com (Promoted by NoPo Daily))

~World News~

Sky News (Website/Channel/App)
Good News on Huffington Post (Website)
The Straits Times (Website)
Good News on South East Asia (Website)

Featured Stories:

5 Happy Things for the Week

1100-year-old Monolithic Sandstone from India Discovered

“The monolithic sandstone Shiv Linga, which is 2.24 x 1.68 metres in size, is the largest of its kind unearthed in Vietnam to date, according to experts.”

– “This Southeast Asian Country Unearths 1100-year. (Good News on South East Asia)


Weather Sources:

National Forecast (USA)

Met Office Weather (UK)

Sat24 Weather (EU)

Accuweather (Rest of the World)

National Emergency Databases/Sources:

National Hurricane Center (USA)

Prevention Web (Rest of the World)

Featured Stories:

Latest on Tropical Storm Cristobal

Latest on UK’s Heatwave

“Tropical Storm Cristobal is crawling over Mexico and will track toward the Gulf Coast of the United States this weekend with a threat of flooding rain, high surf, coastal flooding and strong winds.”

-Latest on Cristobal (Weather.com)

~Unedited Music Blog News~

Wtchout‘s ‘Shadows‘ Reaches 300k Streams

Illenium Provides Feedback and Indirectly Promotes Nikademis’s Next Release!

Mystic Sons Compares Glass Peaks to a Mix of Radiohead and Arcade Fire

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E News

Latin America:

BBC News


Daily Mail




Asian E News



Nicholas Parsons Dies at 96

“As the movement grew, the notion filtered down to individuals and brands who have vowed to not post any content on June 2nd in deference to the situation.”

-Blackout Tuesday (CNN)





Sky Sports


Channel News Asia


Latest on NBA’s Return to Play

This Weekend’s Fixtures in European Football

“All teams will fly to Orlando on July 7, three weeks before the restart of the season. They will likely have to quarantine for some period; Florida law requires people flying in from some states, including New York, to quarantine for 14 days.”

-NBA’s Possible RTP Plan (ESPN)

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Horoscopes (Jessica Adams)

One Positive Blog (Magdalena)

Mindful Millennial Podcast (#frensofuneditedmb, Brianna Mary)

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