Avi Buffalo [unedited] Music Review

Photo of Avi Zahner-Isenberg by Jasmine Caprice In 2010, I was 16 years old and Avi Zahner-Isenberg was 18. For many teenagers, those years are full of hormones that, to all of our credit, are hard to control and deal with. For me, I usually turned to music to cope with basically anything I struggled … Continue reading Avi Buffalo [unedited] Music Review


Come the Spring [unedited] Music Review

It's not too often that you find bands like Come The Spring who are so passionate about their work even with a small fan base. Rather it be Sam Caddock belting out ardent lyrics, or Simon Goodrick and David Gamage setting the hard rock background for Sam... They know exactly what message they want to say, … Continue reading Come the Spring [unedited] Music Review

Cruel Miracle [unedited] Music Review

There is definitely a modernized rock n' roll feel behind Cruel Miracle's sound that needs to be recognized as unique. Rather it be Kim's grunge-like-vocals, or their metal-like-guitar riffs; Cruel Miracle certainly seem to infuse the old with a new version of this genre of music. They tell me, "there is an urging sense of creativity … Continue reading Cruel Miracle [unedited] Music Review

An Orange Conspiracy [unedited] Music Review

An Orange Conspiracy https://soundcloud.com/an_orange_conspiracy/02-feelin-finewav An Orange Conspiracy on SoundCloud The Scottish Rockers, An Orange Conspiracy, have recently released their stand out single, ‘Feelin Fine’.  Taken from their impressive debut EP, AOC, the track, deftly created by this band of brothers, is one to take notice of certainly. Ricki, Leo and Casey Galea, who make up AOC, … Continue reading An Orange Conspiracy [unedited] Music Review

Home State [unedited] Music Review

Home State The New York based band, Home State, have recently released their new stand-out single, ‘Tried To Stay’, a wholly clever pop track that will definitely impress old fans and certainly bring new ones to the fold. ‘Tried To Stay’ has every component for an amazing hit single. Frontman Alex Friedlanger delivers the lyrics with … Continue reading Home State [unedited] Music Review

Blue Statue [unedited] Music Review

@ Facebook The alternative indie band from North London, Blue Statue, recently released not just one, but two shiny new tracks which are off their recent self-titled EP.  The tracks, ‘The Scent Has The Air’ and ‘Womb Wave’ signifying their clever grungy style, are navigated by their indie roots and they accomplish that with excellence. The … Continue reading Blue Statue [unedited] Music Review