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Peachy! [unedited] Music Review

“‘Cause me and my plug-in baby,
Will be okay yeah.
I’m enough for me.”
~Girls by Peachy!

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Lani Renaldo [unedited] Music Review

“Coming through at different hours of the night, Being desperate isn’t cute and doesn’t get an invite.” ~Nineteen by Lani Renaldo

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Elliot Lee [unedited] Music Review

“I know I’m not alone, ‘Cause we all sing along. And let go of our demons that live in our head, When we hear these songs. You say you don’t believe, You think that I’m naive. Could you see the beauty of a diamond in the… Dirt!” ~Dirt by Elliot Lee

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Seepeoples [unedited] Music Review

“He thinks of all the roles he’s played, Deep in his heart that guided him to the answer. And for all the fools still questioning, He won’t wait for your reckoning.” ~Apocalypse Cow by Seepeoples

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Lorena Leigh [unedited] Music Review

“Where I’ve been is sacred inside me, And all I know won’t hide. When the big show rolls on by, Or I’m crucified being who I wanna be.” ~Girls Like Me by Lorena Leigh

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Zilla with Her Eyes Shut [unedited] Music Review

I was told for years that I always talked in my sleep, and most of the time the things I… read more Zilla with Her Eyes Shut [unedited] Music Review

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The Mowgli’s [unedited] Music Review

Check out the latest music review for The Mowglis! They are well known for their songs Im Good and San Fransico.

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Joy Kate [unedited] Music Review

“Don’t need another playlist, You’re playing me for hopeless. You think I wouldn’t notice, But I did…”

~Spin You Back by Joy Kate

Posted in 2020

Robert Connely Farr [unedited] Music Review

There are things in life that make you slow down. Rather that be losing a loved one, heart break, marriage,… read more Robert Connely Farr [unedited] Music Review

Posted in 2020

She is Jules [unedited] Music Review

” But trust me I do dream, I dream while I’m awake. My best friends are the stars and the moon, I know them all by name.” ~ Eyes Shut by She is Jules

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Shandel & Samuels [unedited] Music Review

“My my my my my Heroine, Trying to get out of the state I’m in.”
~ Heroine by Shandel & Samuels

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Airports [unedited] Music Review

“So keep on losing hope, Then go find some more. If life was all beautiful, We wouldn’t grow no more.”
~Don’t Sleep Anymore by Airports

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Molly. [unedited] Music Review

“Miles ahead, There’s a place called Paradise. Blue in the skies, Let’s try to get high.”
~ Paradise by Molly.

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Holy Wars [unedited] Music Review

“Baby, I was born dark, Full of holes in my heart. Riding on a high of pain, Mind of a hurricane.” ~ Born Dark by Holy Wars

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Waiting for Smith [unedited] Music Review

“Stuck in sticky stuff, It gets tricky when you’re low. It’s a long life, When you don’t know where to go.” ~Long Life by Waiting for Smith